Enis Afgan

Associate Research Scientist working on cloud and distributed computing.

Dannon Baker

Software Engineer working on cloud computing for genomics research.

Dave Clements

Training and outreach coordinator for the Galaxy Project.

Peter DeFord

PhD student in Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology, and Biophysics program. Machine learning approaches for prediction of cis regulatory modules (CRMs) and computational analysis of CRM structure.

German Uritskiy

PhD student in the CMDB program at Johns Hopkins, co-mentored by Dr. Jocelyne DiRuggiero. Works on computational approaches to metagenome analysis of extremophile microbial communities in Atacama desert, Chile.

Michael E. Gehring Sauria

Associate Research Scientist working on computational approaches inferring chromatin structure.

Sam Guerler

Associate Research Scientist working on data visualization.

James Taylor

Ralph S. O'Connor Professor of Biology, Professor of Computer Science and Principal Investigator.


Olgert Denas:

PhD Student in Computer Science. Computational identification of cross-species gene transfer, comparative genomics of transcription factor binding. Now at Adobe Research.

Carl Eberhard:

Software Engineer.

Mallory Freeberg:

Postdoctoral Research Fellow working on computational approaches towards understanding protein:RNA interactions. Now Bioinformatician at Human Cell Atlas.

Jeremy Goecks:

Postdoctoral Researcher 2009-2013. Frameworks for supporting computational science and on computational approaches to improve gene expression analysis. Now Assistant Professor, George Washington University.

Jennifer E. Phillips-Cremins:

Postdoctoral researcher (with Victor Corces) 2009-2012. Now Assistant Professor of Bioengineering, University of Pennsylvania.

Karen Hovsepian:

Postdoctoral researcher 2009-2011. Now Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Troy University

Kanwei Li:

Software Engineer, 2009-2011.

Nitesh Turaga:

Software Engineer.