Federated Galaxy: Biomedical Computing at the Frontier.

Afgan E, Jalili V, Goonasekera N, Taylor J, Goecks J.
2018 IEEE 11th International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD). July 2018; :871-874
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Biomedical data exploration requires integrative analyses of large datasets using a diverse ecosystem of tools. For more than a decade, the Galaxy project (https://galaxyproject.org) has provided researchers with a web-based, user-friendly, scalable data analysis framework complemented by a rich ecosystem of tools (https://usegalaxy.org/toolshed) used to perform genomic, proteomic, metabolomic, and imaging experiments. Galaxy can be deployed on the cloud (https://launch.usegalaxy.org), institutional computing clusters, and personal computers, or readily used on a number of public servers (e.g., https://usegalaxy.org). In this paper, we present our plan and progress towards creating Galaxy-as-a-Service-a federation of distributed data and computing resources into a panoptic analysis platform. Users can leverage a pool of public and institutional resources, in addition to plugging-in their private resources, helping answer the challenge of resource divergence across various Galaxy instances and enabling seamless analysis of biomedical data.